Legacy Dodge is dedicated to helping the city and community of Fort McMurray who always support us. 

Family Christian Centre

We at the Legacy Dodge are pleased to have been able to provide financial support along with a van and car to the Family Christian Centre, here in Fort McMurray. [Read More]
 Boys and Girls Club

Legacy Dodge was thrilled to donate a van to the Fort McMurray Boys and Girls Club. Howard Rensler, Executive Director of the club couldn't be more happy, "It is a wonderful thing." [Read More]
 The Salvation Army

At Legacy Dodge Fort McMurray we are pleased to have had the opportunity to donate a vehicle along with providing financial support to the Salvation Army, throughout the last number of years. [Read More]
The Santa Claus Parade

Each year the Santa Clause Parade is a great chance for all the local business in to come together and brighten the streets with music, lights, fun and laughter. [Read More]
 Events Wood Buffalo

Events Wood Buffalo says, "Legacy Dodge is our new best friend." With the recent donation of a Ram 1500, Events Wood Buffalo can safely and efficiently travel from one event to the next. [Read More]


Legacy Dodge Fort McMurray, a local family business, provides automotive goods and services in Fort McMurray, but most importantly we believe we are investors in our Community! 

We believe in the Community Spirit and we are involved in supporting the people of our Community.  We support the endeavors of our Community Member Groups, and strongly endorse and promote their services and efforts in assisting those people in need.

It is Legacy Dodge Fort McMurray's strong mandate to support our local charities, and a portion of revenue generated in our community is donated back here to our local charities. In turn, this helps provide the much needed assistance to these charities, but most importantly, to the People of our Community. 

We are excited to share our Community involvement in providing major financial support to:

  • Kids Forever
  • The Legacy Counselling Centre
  • Salvation Army
  • Fellowship Baptist Church - Soup Kitchen Ministry
  • Boys and Girls Club of Fort McMurray
  • KAOS 91.1 Radio Station
  • Family Christian Centre
  • And many other charities and agencies in and around Fort McMurray

We want to personally say 'Thank You' to You, and to every customer for 'Your' continued patronage, and for 'Your' support in promoting this incredible opportunity to help the people of 'Your Community'.

"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another." Charles Dickens